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Casper College

Casper College is a public community college located in Casper Wyoming, U.S. Established in 1945 as Wyoming’s first junior college, it is one of the largest and most comprehensive community colleges in the region.

It is a two-year institution that provides academic transfer, vocational, continuing education and basic skills education for the citizens. It also has a well-deserved reputation for its academic and technical programs.

The college enrolls 5,000 students from all over Wyoming, 35-plus states and 20 foreign countries. The students transfer to universities and colleges throughout the United States and join the work force having received state-of-the art technical training.

The campus consists of 28 buildings on more than 200 acres. The grounds are distinctive, with terraces that surround the modern buildings. The students are provided with the right kind of environment to build strong foundations for future success. Casper College provides educational opportunities in order to improve quality of life and sustainable community buildings and citizenship.

The College develops and maintains educational programs, student support services and activities appropriate to the needs of the communities served. It provides programs which parallel the first two years of baccalaureate education, and prepare students for professional and vocational degrees, and provide lifelong learning opportunities. The programs are supported by traditional and innovative equipment, resources, and materials within the limits of the college’s legal and fiscal responsibilities.

The school has quite a reputation for its academic standard and outstanding career programs. Casper College offers students the opportunity to also pursue bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and many other program specific accrediting authorities.

It benefits greatly from Wyoming’s tax base, which includes the extractive minerals industry: oil, gas, coal and trona. Because of this support, tuitions at Casper College are the lowest in the Western United States. Casper College financial assistance programs are designed to help students pay their educational expenses, and the most common types of financial assistance are scholarships, loans, and employment.

The College has more than 350 full-time employees and nearly 150 part-time employees that work together to carry out the College’s missions, such as increasing transferability of coursework and applicability of skills and improving retention, graduation and student success rates.

The core values guiding the activities at Casper College are to:

- enhance a culture of thrust, respect, and open communication among all participants
- promote personal, professional and academic growth of the entire college community
- plan for the future in a context that reflects flexibility, innovation, tradition and sustainability
- foster and maintain an enriching campus environment
- provide service to community
- provide open access and affordability
- celebrate and reward excellence
- encourage diversity of thought, culture and experience
- embrace accountability and responsibility

Casper College offers over 50 academic majors and 30 technical and career field options. The College is organized into five different Schools:

1. Business and Industry
2. Fine Arts and Humanities
3. Science
4. Social and Behavioral Science
5. Health Science

Under each school are several departments, where the major area of interest, or major, is located within one of those departments. Each school of the college has a Dean and an academic assistant. Both of them can be very helpful in navigation students through a course of study. Casper College offers evening, daytime, and weekend courses for credit and non-credit, and hosts events that bring tens of thousands of visitors to campus each year.

Casper College hosts artists, guest lecturers and performers each year. A very popular attraction for community residents is The Gertrude Krampert Theatre. Plus, the volleyball and basketball teams of Casper play to enthusiastic crowds in the Erickson Thunderbird Gymnasium.

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